Individual Spiritual Direction

Christian Spiritual Direction is the ancient practice of listening with another for the voice and movement of God in one’s life. It offers companionship in the most important, intimate area of one’s life; exploring the inner landscape where one receives and responds to the God who is Love.

It is a gentle practice, where a trained director spends one hour monthly with a directee. With the acknowledgment that the Holy Spirit is the true guide, the director enters into prayerful conversation with the directee regarding his/her relationship with God. The directee is encouraged to express areas of connection with God as well as areas of lack of connection, where God was seen and not seen, heard and not heard. Both trust the Holy Spirit to bring to the surface those things that are most important in the struggle to receive and respond to God’s loving invitation to honest relationship.

Spiritual direction explores what hinders and what promotes attentiveness and response to the Spirit's action in the directee. The focus is no longer getting more things from God (job, health, safety, wealth, influence) but has turned toward experiencing more of God, listening to God’s voice above all others, and following where God is leading.

Individuals who have entered into this stage of journeying with God often find it a lonely place apart from what they have known previously in Christian church and community. Though it may be lonely in spots, thankfully, many before us have valued and preserved the practice of one coming alongside another as a friend to the soul and a co-listener for the voice and movement of Immanuel, the God who is with us.


Spiritual Direction is not for everyone in every stage of spiritual development. It is for those who are familiar with scripture and have begun to experience the nudge toward the “more” of life with God; a place where God’s love is drawing into deeper relationship.


Sessions are 60 minutes long and are scheduled on an individual basis. Spiritual direction is meant to be practiced over time so it is recommended that a nine month duration be considered.


We work on a sliding scale, generally between $60-$90 per session.